TBA Unit

TBA Unit
TBA Unit
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After the "milling revolution" MEI propose a new loading method for ophthalmic lenses.

See it in action!

 Our new “Throw the Block Away” (TBA) unit, combined with our existing Bisphera-XDD, Doubler-XDD or Mei641auto edger, will significantly reduce your consumable and overhead costs, as well as lens handling defects, without increasing the edging cycle time!!

We have eliminated the need of a finishing block in our TBA through an integrated lens loading system that combines the lens inspection, orientation, and loading operations into a single, internal process.

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Reduce consumable costs:
  • No more finishing blocks, leap pads, or any lens protective films
Reduce labor costs and non-value added processes:
  • No more lens inspection/ spot-up, putting pads on blocks and removing them, blocking lenses, or de-blocking lenses
Reduce defects on super hydrophobic lenses:
  • No more crazing defects caused by de-blocking the lens and slipping on the block
Reduce lens loading errors:
  • No more mis-loaded lenses due to lenses moving in the job tray from conveyor vibration, loader misalignment, decentered lenses


  • Our TBA is an external device that is integrated into our Bisphera-XDD, Doubler-XDD or Mei641auto edger. Combined, these allow the machine to optically inspect lenses, determine the geometric center, and load the lenses for edging without the need of a finishing block. This is done through a loading arm that picks round, and oval, lenses from the job tray, places them into an inspection unit equipped with digital vision devices, orients the lens based on the prescription axis and optical center, and places the lenses in correct orientation for edging.
  • TBA can accept single vision, progressive, bi-focal (flat top, curve top & round), single vision with prescribed prism, gradient tinted and polarized lenses
  • The inspection system can recognize visible and semi-visible marks, as well as all ophthalmic parameters required by the job. The system is able to measure, compare, and present the spherical power, cylindrical power, axis, and prism to the prescription data received from the server.
  • The inspection system also checks the frame layout against the lens blank to determine if it will cut out.
  • With the integrated TBA unit, the Bisphera-XDD, Doubler-XDD or Mei641auto are ready for lenses to arrive unblocked and face up in the job tray.
  • The lens inspection and loading system works simultaneously with the edging process, so the overall edging cycle is unaffected.