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The EzLine  automatic feeder is a flexible Jobs management system able to handle the loading of an edging line of Bisphera machines.

EzLine receives the job trays from the factory conveyor or from Mei de-stacker, downloads the OMA edging data from the server, and handle the working load of the entire line.

The control unit sends the job to the most free machine accordingly with job specification and machine capacity.

The control unit has the map of the capacity of each machine and makes sure that every job is sent to a machine that can handle it.

The EzLine  automatic feeder is composed by a conveyor loop that comes with the machine and is controlled by the machine itself and computer running the line server program.

Each machine is connected to the line with a network cable. No mechanical connection are required between the machines.

At the entrance of each machine a barcode scanner reads the job ticket and decides if the tray has to stop or can proceed to the end of the line if it is already finished.

  • Advantages

  • Small footprint thanks to the use of a single line for all done and undone jobs.
  • Easy machine maintenance access thanks to the position of the main conveyor very close to the loading area.
  • The EzLine is prepared to be used with machines with TBA
  • Easy and flexible reconfiguration of the line: the Insertion of a new machine is very easy and do not requires installation.
  • The EzLine is very quiet and doesn’t have dangerous areas, because doesn’t use chains to carry the trays
  • Having the possibility to define the ability of each machine allows to plan the tool replacement in a better way
  • The line server has a manual scanner that makes easy to find out the job story.
  • The possibility to mix up Bisphera and Doubler machines having  EzLine  sorting out the jobs automatically reduces the overall costs of the system